The SARAI - Luxurious Resort in Naran, Pakistan

The SARAI - Luxurious Resort in Naran, Pakistan

8/19/2023 9:19:18 AM, By Arooj Magray.

The SARAI - Luxurious Resort in Naran, Pakistan

I just realized how toxic Instagram can be. You need to open it, and you’ll feel like you’re the most miserable person alive because you have a boring life and you’re not doing anything about it. People are doing life right, and the fact that I’m not is killing me. I probably should stop being dramatic and start talking about what happened. So I opened Instagram, started scrolling, and almost everyone lived their best lives. All these bloggers went to a different Resort in Naran, and the beauty there is extraordinary. After scrolling for a pleasant hour, I figured that Naran is the most visited and loved place this year and why not? It’s beautiful.

Naran is the most famous tourist destination in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is at an altitude of 2,409 meters. It is not just a local tourist spot but also an international one. Millions of people from all over the world visit the Naran Valley yearly.

The scorching weather of Islamabad and the beautiful pictures of Naran made me think about why I should be sitting and not start packing instead. The only problem was where I would stay and which resort in Naran to pick. I started searching where all the people on Instagram stayed when they visited Naran. Most of the top bloggers had a place in common to stay, and it was THE SARAI HOTEL & RESORT in Naran. They had a fantastic experience as they gave terrific reviews about the site. Also told how economical, relaxing, and comforting their stay was in the hotel. They highly recommend people stay there whenever they visit the Naran Valley. I knew where I’d stay.

Stay at the Sarai Hotel & Resort Naran

The moment I reached there, I understood why people were so mesmerised by this place. The first thing that hit me as I walked in was the smell of freshness and the sound of waterfalls in the lobby and rooms. The Resort in Naran consists of two penthouses and elegant rooms on each floor, all designed to give you a perfect view of the green mountains and nearby valleys. The hotel offers many facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible such as free Wi-Fi and a fitness centre.


Prime Location:

THE SARAI HOTEL & RESORT is the only four-star hotel at Naran, located in the valley's centre. It is near all the popular attractions in Naran. The beautiful Lulusar Lake is about a few minutes drive away. The Babusar top is just an hour's drive away, and Saif-ul-Malook Lake is 37 minutes from the Sarai Hotel. The hotel in Naran provides car rentals for its guests to explore and visit these valleys’ attractions and the surrounding area because that’s precisely why people are here, to explore the beauty of Pakistan.

Incredible Architecture:

Along with its convenient location, the Sarai Hotel & Resort Naran has beautiful architecture and a peaceful environment. It is one of the fascinating things about this hotel. It has the most delicate exterior along with its interior. The unique touch of modern elegance and Pakistani traditions make it one of the best hotels in Naran, Pakistan.

Amazing Facilities:

The topmost priority of the hotel is to provide its guests with all the facilities they need during their time there to enjoy a comfortable stay. The outstanding facilities of the Sarai Hotel & Resort are accessible Wi-Fi throughout the property. They provide their guests with high-speed internet, which is excellent because the internet is the priority of our new generation. Everyone has to post. 

Free Parking:

Free private parking is also available for the guests, which is also essential for the security of the vehicles. A 24-hour front desk is also available for resolving any issue that the guests face; room service is just a press away.

On-Site Restaurant:

The hotel has a lavish on-site restaurant that provides all regional cuisines. They also offer a complimentary breakfast. Their food is mouth-watering, and that is excellent because good food is in a good mood.

Fitness Center:

It also has a great fitness centre, which guests can access during their stay. It has the best equipment, and the hotel also offers discounts for its guests.

Luxurious Rooms:

All the rooms in the hotel are perfectly splendid. They come with a seating area, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, and a safety deposit box for the safety of their belongings. The hotel rooms have a private bathroom, shower, bathrobes, and slippers. The rooms also have beautiful bed linen and towels. Selected rooms have a kitchen, dishwasher, microwave, and fridge.

Final Words

During my stay, I got to explore the local area, which is as beautiful as the Resort in Naran. The people are friendly and welcoming, and the scenery is just breathtaking. If you are ever planning to visit Naran, I highly recommend staying at Sarai Hotel & Resort because I can guarantee you will have a fantastic time.


Naran Kaghan will be open for tourist in the start of Summer season 2022.
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The tourism business in the Kaghan valley, which has been devastated by the coronavirus, is expected to pick up this summer after the Kaghan Development Authority opened up the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad road to all types of traffic towards Battakundi on Sunday. "If there is no tragedy and the weather stays the same, there may be a tourist spike in the valley this season," Mohazam Khan, the KDA's inspector, told the media.
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This year, Naran-Kaghan is set to witness a record-breaking tourism season. Hotel bookings in Naran have increased by 30% compared to last year, and hoteliers expect occupancy rates to reach 95%. Also, Naran-Kaghan's hotel industry has invested heavily in marketing and promotion. We have reopened the road to traffic till Battakundi one-month prior scheduled period. Naran awaits a prosperous season.
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