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The SARAI Hotel Naran is focused on maintaining your personal information. We encourage our visitors when you interact with us. This policy outlines how users collect data when browsing our website or utilizing any on-site activities (such as online hotel booking Naran). And how the company intends to use technology to provide high-quality service while adhering to tight consumer-rights rules laid forth in the regulation.

How do we gather data from users?

Whenever you visit the Naran hotel, we would like to know a bit about you because of your visit so that we can tailor your experiences. We get information about you in a variety of ways. We can acquire it through numerous methods if you stay with us:

  • Checking in or out of a room.
  • Contact details, such as name/email address, etc.
  • Participating in hotel events.
  • Interacting with coworkers.

This information aids in creating an engaging customer service atmosphere in which everyone is respected

Website-based data
When you:
  • Register for a membership or a promotional offer, you may send us information.
  • Access data or inquire about specifics.
  • Use this website's chat to communicate with us (or via email).
  • Join the SARAI Hotel Naran's social media profiles.

Whenever you engage with the SARAI hotel's website, some data is usually gathered:

  • Payment system providers when making an online accommodation reservation.
  • Info about the device you're using
  • Leaving feedback on the website.
May Save Customer's Private Details
As stated previously, some of the information collected may hold information. As shown below, how you engage with us determines the form of personal data we collect.
  • The participant's first, last, and birth dates are given, and a user or other attributes.
  • Contact Details - This category contains postal and email addresses and contact information.
  • Financial information, such as line of credit and banking information numbers.
  • Payment Details - this part includes information on amounts paid to and from you and information regarding the quality and assistance you've obtained from us.
  • Technical data includes your IP address, login details, device information, model, time zone setting and region, application, and other techniques used to visit our website.
  • Functional Annotation - This is a record of how you interact with our website, assets, and activities.
  • Tracking Data - Cookies give us tracking data, which is data about you.

Please be aware that if you choose not to provide us with any private details, we will be unable to offer you the services you have asked.

Data Protection for Children
Visitors to our several websites, as well as the hotel website, furnish us with a range of personal data. We do not actively gather information from kids because the website is not intended for them. Unless you're under the age of 16 and wish to use the Mount Feast Hotel Naran Website, please get the assistance of a parent or adult.
Your information is used in the following situations:

We may use your personal information in the following circumstances:

  • To agree with you. When you walk into our hotel, you may be required to sign a contract.
  • To fulfil a legal requirement, such as maintaining records for a tax filing.
  • If you've accepted to receive direct marketing communications from us.
  • To request feedback on your encounter with us.
  • To answer your queries and customer service requests.
Can Share Personal Data

To achieve the aims outlined in this Privacy Policy, we may disclose your private data to third parties. If the law demands it, we may additionally share a user's personal information. Third parties who may have access to confidential information include:

  • Online booking systems and digital payments, for example.
  • Security services, politicians, the Pakistani government, accountants and financial and tax experts.
How do we protect your details?

We've taken precautions to ensure your private details' integrity, protection, and availability because we care about them. We also ensure that only authorized individuals, such as personnel, contractors, and other third parties, have control over the data. They will only collect personal data on our behalf and are bound by strict legal restrictions.

We have strict standards to deal with any alleged cyber-attack, and if we are legally obligated to do so, we will notify you and any applicable authorities. On the other hand, the confidentiality of data transmission over the Internet cannot be assured.

How long would we keep the information?
We will only preserve the data for as long as necessary to achieve the goals for which we kept it, such as meeting any legislative, financial, or transparency obligations.
In exceptional circumstances, we may delete your identity from your data for tracking purposes (it can no more be connected to you). This authorization may be exercised without additional notice to you.

The law protects you.

The user does have some access to the data transfers in some circumstances. Some of them are as follows:

  • Object to the user agreement.
  • Request that your information is handled in a restricted manner.
  • Request that your information is shared.
  • The ability to withdraw your consent to the processing of your information.
Relationships with Other Companies

On our website, visitors can also discover links to other websites. We have no control over these third-party websites, and we are not liable for their privacy controls.

We urge that you review the privacy rules of any site you access after departing our site.

Updated Privacy Disclaimer

We reserve the right to terminate, alter, or change this policy from time to time. You may find the latest versions here.

Concerns and queries

If you have any further questions or issues regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the email address provided.


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Naran Kaghan will be open for tourist in the start of Summer season 2022.
hotel Naran updates
The tourism business in the Kaghan valley, which has been devastated by the coronavirus, is expected to pick up this summer after the Kaghan Development Authority opened up the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad road to all types of traffic towards Battakundi on Sunday. "If there is no tragedy and the weather stays the same, there may be a tourist spike in the valley this season," Mohazam Khan, the KDA's inspector, told the media.
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This year, Naran-Kaghan is set to witness a record-breaking tourism season. Hotel bookings in Naran have increased by 30% compared to last year, and hoteliers expect occupancy rates to reach 95%. Also, Naran-Kaghan's hotel industry has invested heavily in marketing and promotion. We have reopened the road to traffic till Battakundi one-month prior scheduled period. Naran awaits a prosperous season.
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